The Stone Cuts of Monte Sano

The Stone Cuts of Monte Sano

No matter the season, Stone Cuts never fails to impress.  As a 5+ year resident of Madison County, and a lifetime hiker, Stone Cuts has been one of my go to hikes when I wanted a good reward, a little challenge, and a fairly quick hike.  A combination of a few trails at Monte Sano State Park makes for a roughly 2.5 mile loop with an elevation change of around 450 feet.  

Fall in Love with Stone Cuts

My husband and I first explored these limestone rock formations as a new couple around 2011.  We were both astonished at how neat the Stone Cuts were during a weekend camping trip to Monte Sano State Park.  When I moved to the area, in 2014, we spend our newlywed days continuing to explore local trails.  Stone Cuts quickly became a staple hike for us, and we recommended it to others regularly. In 2015, I began working at Lake Guntersville State Park and my visits to Monte Sano diminished.  I hadn’t forgotten about my love of Monte Sano, and its Stone Cuts, but I had new trails and discoveries to explore.

My life in the parks wouldn’t end at Lake Guntersville though, and when the opportunity to work at my local park became available I relocated to Monte Sano.  I quickly reconnected to the plateau, sinks, and Stone Cuts of Monte Sano.  I was surprised and uplifted by the beauty this trail offered each hike, and no matter how many times I visited I was always excited to see the labyrinth of limestone cliffs and ice-torn boulders.  

Today, I share this scene through guided hikes, with Butterfly Outdoors, and I’ve never led someone through this route who didn’t express joy in its discovery.  Immediately, the reaction is to share this place with another outdoor lover because it is such a pleasant surprise.  While so many trails in Alabama offer beautiful surprises, Stone Cuts is one that keeps hikers coming back for more.  

What to know?
  • Be prepared with appropriate clothing, footwear, water, snacks and other essentials
  • Tell someone your plan, and hike with a buddy
  • Know your limits, and those of your children and pets
  • Follow all park rules, such as keeping your pet on a leash
  • Take time to enjoy other features along the route, such as: natural sinks, hardwood forests, area wildlife, and park history
  • For more tips on preparing for a hike read Planning Your First Hike
  • Visit to plan your Monte Sano trip

Let us guide you to the Stone Cuts on a private adventure or group tour.  Contact for rates and more information.







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