Special Occasions during Covid-19

Special Occasions during Covid-19

Celebrating at Home

Even though we have to be apart from loved ones and friends, most of us are still fortunate enough to have Internet and some means of video calling.  A group video call can bring together classmates for your child’s birthday, a significant other with a different address, or just about anyone who may make your celebration more fun!

For those of sharing isolation with loved ones at home, we have even more options for making special occasions a real celebration, like backyard picnics, movie nights, romantic dinners, scavenger hunts, and anything your (or Pinterest’s) imaginations can think up.  Below you’ll find some idea highlights for different ways to celebrate.


We plan for, or dread them, all year long, but most of us end up celebrating them with loved ones and friends.  Here are some ideas for making birthdays special during the covid crisis:

  • Send a scavenger hunt to all your child’s classmates/friends, and schedule a video conference party to discuss your adventures.
  • Create a private Facebook event or group with activities and games families can play in their own homes and backyards, and have everyone share their stories and photos.
  • Schedule a custom virtual party with games, challenges, and activities by contacting ButterflyOutdoors@gmail.com (party plans starting at $25)!

Anniversaries and Date Night

My parents, sister and brother in law, and potentially my husband and I all have anniversaries during Covid-19 stay home orders.  Even if you don’t have an anniversary to celebrate, you may want to have a special date night with your partner, so check out the Dating Outdoors post from 2018 and these ideas:

  • My sister’s children will be serving them dinner tonight delivered from their favorite “date night” restaurant.  What a great way to enjoy your special night even with young children! Happy Anniversary 🙂
  • Grilling always adds a fun and special feeling to evenings at home, especially if you try out a new recipe, or test out your campfire cooking skills over a backyard fire pit… definitely great for a s’mores desert.
  • No kids, or want to leave them out… just wait till bedtime and try a movie night.  With all the wonderful FREE movies and shows streaming during Covid you’re sure to find something you’ll both love.  Pop some corn, or set up a projector outdoors to make it extra special.

For any Special Event

No matter the occasion, remember to make it special even if you’re home alone.  Reach out to friends and family, go for a walk and wave to everyone you see, order a cake or pie from your favorite restaurant, pamper yourself, dress up in fancy clothes, whatever makes you smile.  Enjoy your special event, and help make your loved ones events special even if you can’t physically be there to celebrate!


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