Butterfly Outdoors


We accept online payments through:

  • PayPal – ButterflyOutdoors@gmail.com
  • Venmo – @Butterfly_Outdoors
  • CashApp – $ButterflyOutdoors
Please contact us at ButterflyOutdoors@gmail.com if you wish to make a payment with cash or check.

Rates and Fees

Butterfly Outdoors commits to professionalism, integrity, and environmental conservation in all aspects of company business.  We offer quality programs and services at fair rates for our time and effort, and we strive to be accessible to all branches of our community and society.  We will work with you and your budget to find a program or service to accommodate your needs.  


***Butterfly Outdoors is an LLC not a 501(c)3.  We appreciate your support, and pledge to utilize donations toward free services and scholarships.  However, please understand your donation is not tax deductible.  PLEASE INCLUDE “DONATION” IN THE COMMENTS OR DESCRIPTION OF YOUR PAYMENT TO ENSURE YOUR FUNDS ARE PROPERLY ALLOCATED.***

Payment and Donation Instructions

You can complete your payment via PayPal, Venmo or Cash App using the direct links above or through your payment app to the corresponding usernames shown above.  Butterfly Outdoors is a small business and we are currently accepting PayPal payments using the friends and family service.  If you prefer to pay through cash or check, or have additional questions feel free to contact us at ButterflyOutdoors@gmail.com.

Creativity takes fuel.  Apart from our normal payments and Donations, you can contriBute to our creativity.  If you enjoy our content then please buy us a coffee to show your support, and fuel our next story!

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