Amy’s Story

Amy Griffis-Gorham, Book Club Coordinator

Amy is a mother of three amazing grown up children, and has been married for 30 years. As an Air Force wife for twenty plus years she has lived all over the world, and a love of travel and new experiences grew over that time. A recent trip to Eastern Europe was amazing, and she’s hoping to make it over to Scotland before too long! Wherever there is delicious food and history, Amy wants to see it and taste it!

As an emergency and trauma nurse for 13 years, Amy loves medicine with a new case and situation in front of her everyday. When she has the time, her preferred place of being is in the outdoors with a good book in tote. Amy has always had a fondness for animals of all kinds, while she was growing up Amy had dreams of becoming the next Jane Goodall or Joan Embry. Kayaking, hiking, a great campfire and a lake, getting lost wandering the woods, a warm ocean swimming, or beautiful mountains- she loves it all. As a mother of two young women, she is especially interested in encouraging women’s self-sufficiency and connection to the outdoors, to know strong women and support making stronger women. She believes in the magic of nature, and the restorative effects it has on the psyche and body. Her perfect day would be spent outside in sunshine amidst autumn leaves, and hopes more perfect days are in her future.

Amy can be contacted through the Women Outdoors group.