Butterfly Outdoors

Naturalists & Guides

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life last.  

Rachel Carson

Our naturalists and guides are passionate about the outdoors, trained to keep you safe, and ready to for adventure.  We seek nature’s beauty, help you find inner strength, and facilitate enduring memories.  Contact us to plan a private trip or follow our Facebook page and groups to find an adventure with others.

Naturalist Services

Naturalists are scientists and explorers who observe nature and share what they learn with others. Our naturalists are ready to lead you on discovery outdoors, teach children about the natural world, and bring nature right to you.

Services include: Young Naturalists classes; Workshops & Seminars; and Private Hikes, Trips, and Tours.

Guided Hikes, Paddles, & Overnights

We’ll lead the way, provide a packing list, and assist along the journey.  You’ll learn helpful skills related to Leave No Trace, hiking safety, campsite set up, and fire building.  We’re happy to explore with you again and again, or help you gain the confidence and skills to adventure independently.

Services include: Hikes; Paddling Excursions; Beginner Backpacking Trips; and Group Campouts. Private trips available.

Custom Trip Itineraries

Let us plan your adventure, even we don’t join in the fun!  From Alabama State Parks to the Sipsey Wilderness, we can organize your next adventure.

Learn your Land

Ever wonder about the trees on your property, what wildlife visit after dark, or how to attract birds to your backyard?  We can help you identify native plants and wildlife, provide landscaping resources, and even help you start planning your own trails.  Let us assist you in discovering your own property from your apartment grounds to the back forty of the family farm.