Butterfly Outdoors

Our Mission

Our mission is to help others explore, learn and play outdoors by leading them on nature excursions, providing opportunities for experiential education, and promoting environmental conservation.

Our Vision

We believe EVERYONE deserves a place outdoors, and when individuals and families are able to connect with nature they are happier, healthier, and more productive. At Butterfly Outdoors we hope to shape a future where natural spaces are welcoming places to EXPLORE~LEARN~PLAY for individuals and groups of all backgrounds and experiences. Until all people are comfortable and well represented outdoors our parks, wild lands, and wildlife habitats will be at greater risk.  By making the outdoors accessible to all we ensure both the conservation and preservation of these natural spaces for generations to come.  We hope you will connect with us, and more importantly we hope you connect with nature.

Conservation and Service

Apart from customer services we also offer services to our community at no charge.  These include FREE hikes and programs with our partners at the Land Trust of North Alabama, and a variety of environmental education and outreach programs with like-minded companies such as Alpha Expeditions, organizations such as the International Crane Foundation and the National Speleological Society, and state and federal land management agencies in north Alabama.

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