Butterfly Report — April 2021

Butterfly Report — April 2021

Follow Our Adventures & Discover Your Own

Since the last Butterfly Report I’ve been fortunate enough to hike, camp, paddle, and bike. I try to spend as much of my life outdoors as possible, and this is something I work daily to share with my daughter as well. Beyond that I love sharing my adventures with others, and this year I hope to share my section hike of the Pinhoti Trail. You can follow this excursion on Butterfly Outdoors’ YouTube channel and our blog. Click the button below to check out my first two sections of the trail.

We also love hearing about your discoveries so please share them with us on social media, and leave reviews or recommendations if we’ve already helped you discover a better way to EXPLORE~LEARN~PLAY outdoors.

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We love for you to follow our adventures, but we’d really love to help you find your own. Let us know what you’ve been dreaming of doing, and we’ll help you plan and prepare. We offer skills lessons, gear consultations, training hikes, and overnight workshops to help you prepare for family campouts, paddling trips, and backpacking excursions.

Coming Soon

We have many events on the calendar from overnights to the Walls of Jericho to a community Earth Day cleanup project. Find the right event for your interest and budget on our Upcoming Events page.

***Since this content will be public it may not contain as many details and information, especially related to meeting locations. This is a safety precaution since most of our activities are geared toward women and families.

Help us break down barriers to the outdoors

We are working to offer more opportunities to beginners, underserved communities, and essential workers. We believe time outdoors is a valuable stress reliever and hobby that should be a right, not a privilege. You can help us break down barriers such as lack of funds, lack of gear, and lack of opportunities.

This month we are hosting a gear drive and fundraising event! If you have gear you no longer need, or funds to donate to this cause please email ButterflyOutdoors@gmail.com or visit my Facebook fundraiser. Need gear? Let us know, and we’ll help however we can!

We are still accepting donations for scholarships and creative content. Read on to learn how you can participate, or contact us to discuss how we can help break down barriers you may face.

Support Scholarships

Our scholarship program helps us provide services to underserved members of our community, and we appreciate assistance expanding this program in 2021.

***Butterfly Outdoors is an LLC not a 501(c)3.  We appreciate your support, and pledge to utilize donations toward free services and scholarships.  However, please understand your donation is not tax deductible.  PLEASE INCLUDE “DONATION” IN THE COMMENTS OR DESCRIPTION OF YOUR PAYMENT TO ENSURE YOUR FUNDS ARE PROPERLY ALLOCATED.***

Thanks for Your Support

Thanks to everyone who has supported us during these challenging times, and if you find value in our content and share in our commitment to help others EXPLORE~LEARN~PLAY outdoors please consider contributing to our efforts or contacting us at ButterflyOutdoors@gmail.com to discover how you can get involved.

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